Meet Jasmin! She loves all things beauty and color. One glance at you and she can match you with the product you never knew you needed and an amazing new lipstick shade.

- Spent four years at Sephora as a certified makeup artist.

- Has worked closely with other expert artists and brand trainers learning as much as she could about their products. 

- Worked as an instructor for beauty classes and helped teach and train different makeup techniques to so many amazing and beautiful people.

- When she isnt glamming up bridal clients for JL, she freelances for Anastasia Beverly Hills. working with clients throughout different stores across the district for product launching events while providing brow transformations along the way.

- Jasmin is also a certified esthetician, offering waxing and spa services with a specialty in providing facial treatments. They set the canvas for the perfect makeup application!


In her own words:
"My absolute favorite way to work with my clients is while freelancing different events and working with bridal parties to help celebrate their special day! I love teaching amazing tips and tricks along the way while getting to know each person I have the pleasure of working with. Through my years working in the beauty industry, I didn’t just fall in love with makeup or spa services; I fell in love with the confidence it brings. Nothing lights me up more than watching a client’s face after a session with me. Happy to share my love, light and knowledge so you feel at ease from our first appointment on. Let’s have fun!"

Check out more of her work on our IG in the highlight reel.