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Finding the Right Stylist/Artist for you!

Over the years we have learned many things.. one of them being that makeup/hair is subjective and there isn't one way to do it right. There are many different styles of makeup and as artists its our job to be able to execute all styles. With that said, a lot of us start falling into a niche and end up having that one special style. For myself, Jae (one of the owners) I have natural found my style in the natural/romantic/classic category. Giving brides that bridal glow and still leaving them feeling like themselves. I have a light hand application and think everyones natural skin is beautiful! Now don't get me wrong, I can pull off a full glam with my eyes closed, but I love to bring out those high cheekbones, those pouty lips, and really make the eyes pop! and not close them in. If you check out the work of each of our girls, you will see they all have their certain style and we at the studio are working to make sure you are getting the right artists/hairstylist for you. We have a full beauty profile questionnaire to get a feel for your style and vision. Knowing a bit more about you and your likes, helps us fit you with the perfect artist/stylist for your day! Want to know more or even need a little navigation to your specific style?

What are your wedding colors?

How do you normally wear your makeup/hair everyday?

Do you add anything special to your beauty routine for date night or special occasion?

What trends are you loving?

Favorite lip color?

These are a few questions to ask yourself when you are trying to figure out the style of makeup/hair for your wedding day. Still not sure which direction to go? Shoot us an email and we can help, let's bring your bridal beauty vision to life!!!

Leeann Marie Photography

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