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Our studio LASH STASH!

As you know, it is lash month here at JL Makeup Studio! We have just received some new products that we cannot live without! Here is your chance to take a look at what the pros love to use.

LIMELIGHT by Alcone "Perfect Mascara"


This Limelight Best-Seller achieves noticeably longer lashes instantly with a clump-free formula that contains lengthening fibers. It outshines comparable mascaras in both performance and price and will not smudge or flake. The brush head separates and evenly coats each lash for a perfect application every time!

Bdellium Tools Lash Fan #731


This lash fan is the perfect tool for a clump free, even application. With a lash fan, you are able to dictate what type of intensity you would like with your mascara application. An added bonus to this brush is that it can be doubled as a highlighting brush!

Tweezerman Lash Guard $12.50

Apply mascara flawlessly! Designed to isolate the lash line and protect freshly applied shadow, powder or concealer around eyes. This smudge-proof makeup artist favorite is the secret to keeping mascara on your lashes and off your face.

Black Diamond Coating Sealant


This sealant is great for lash extensions. It coats the lashes with a black tinted sealer to help protect against the elements that break down the adhesive. Which in return helps with the longevity of your lashes. This product is also great for anyone who has problems with eye shadow fall out.



Created with a proprietary blend of vitamins, peptides, and amino acids, their award-winning eyelash conditioner gives your lashes a fuller and thicker look. GrandeLASH-MD is safe, natural, and effective, and customer perception studies report a 69% increase in lash density after extended use. See results in 4 weeks and full results in 2 months.


Lash Affair HD Mascara $23

This highly pigmented, ultra creamy formula is long wearing and will not flake. The brush is designed to coat lashes with the perfect amount of product. This HD mascara is compatible with eyelash extensions!

Any questions about these products? Feel free to email us at All of these products are available for purchase at JL Makeup Studio in Washington, PA.

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