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Natural Lash and Eyelash Extension Care

Natural lash care

There are many factors that can damage your real eyelashes. Over-application of mascara can cause your lashes to break. If you love your big and full lashes, we recommend that you use an eyelash primer before hand or a fiber mascara to keep your lashes healthy. Eyelash primer helps to create a thicker lash, as well as a protective barrier between your lashes and the mascara.

We carry an amazing mascara by Limelight (by Alcone). This mascara is fiber-rich, clump-free, as well as smudge- free. It is safe for your lashes and only needs 1-2 coats to achieve beautiful, full, longer looking lashes! We also sell, for our natural guys and gals, a product called GrandeLASH MD. It is a serum that you apply to your eyelashes nightly. This safe formula is made with natural ingredients, and will help to improve the appearance of your eyelashes in LENGTH, FULLNESS, and THICKNESS. Expect results in 4-6 weeks with this amazing product!

Eyelash Extension Care

Proper eyelash extension care is very important if you want to maintain fabulous lashes for 2-3 weeks, post application.

Here are some instructions that we like to give clients while maintaining their new lash extensions:


For new lash clients, you will receive a bottle of our JL Studio Lash Cleanser as well as a lash cleaning brush. The lash cleanser keeps your lashes looking fresh and helps to remove any unnecessary proteins that are built up on the eyelashes. Have an issue with eyeshadow falling down, causing a gray looking lash? Take this cleanser, brush it through your lashes and it will remove the shadow fall out!

To make an appointment with one of our Eyelash Extension Artists, e-mail us at or call (412)551-8855.

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