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Just in time for Valentines Day!

Curious about how makeup artists master the perfect lip!? Here is an in-studio tutorial, put together by Bri & Jae, on creating an everyday, wearable, Ombre Lip! This lip technique is perfect for all types of looks, and not only does it make the lips appear fuller, but it gives depth and translates well in photos, helping the lips to appear more three dimensional The color options are endless - add a pop of glitter to the center of the lip, make it more dramatic by using varying depths of color, or do a more natural transition of color for a laid-back, lip look. Whatever you do, make it fun!! Makeup is ART!

A huge thank you to Jackie Cafaro (Pittsburgh,PA Model) for being a part of our first tutorial video! All of our models are real women with real flaws. Whether they have un-even lips, hooded eyes, or brows that are distant cousins (not sisters), we want to show real people with real, everyday makeup challenges. We hope you enjoy! Please like and subscribe to our YouTube page to view more videos

Products used in this video:

The proper way to line your lips

For more voluminous lips: Start in the cupids bow and draw down towards the corner of your lips.

For lips to look less full: Draw from the corner of the lip up towards the cupids bow.

How to choose a lip liner/clear liner

+For a typical mono-lip (all one color), you will want to match your lip liner as best as you can with the color of the lipstick

+For an ombré lip, you will want to pair a lip liner that is twice as dark as your lipstick.

+For those crazy colors you have tucked away for a night on the town, grab a clear lip liner. Clear (colorless) lip liners are great for all color lipsticks, especially the seasonal or trendy/fashion colors that don't always have a corresponding lip liner available.

How to clean up the lip line

It is best to take a flat concealer brush and a small amount of concealer right at the tip of the brush. Angle the brush as if it was coming up to the lips and gently clean up the edges of the lips.

How to keep your lip products on all day

+Make sure you do not bite or lick your lips throughout the day. +Go for a longer wearing lip product such as a liquid lipstick or a matte finish lipstick.

To learn more about what lip formulas are right for you, please e-mail us at to book a lesson! Thank you for watching! Please leave us a comment and let us know what you would like to see next!

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