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How to use cream products makeup tutorial!

Cream VS powder

Creams and powders can be for many different things; eyeshadows, foundations, blushes, highlights, etc. Powder is a lighter formula that is easier to control, build and blend. Powders can also assist in setting creams for oily-skin types to reduce shine. In this video I am going to be demonstrating how to use cream products to show you the best way to create a more dewy, natural finish usually best for a normal to dry skin-type. Cream formulas apply more smoothly when you use the warmth of your finger tips. It takes practice to master finger tip application if you typically use brushes. Professional artists such as the creator of NARS, uses his hands for most of his products and applications. If you are uncomfortable with this technique, synthetic bristle hair brushes would be a great alternative.

The difference between synthetic and natural hair brushes

Natural hair brushes tend to be made of many different animal hairs. They are great for blending powder products on to the skin. These brushes are made with many different textures to ensure a beautiful and smooth application.

Synthetic brushes are manmade bristles that do not have a cuticle (like natural hair). These brushes are perfect for cream or liquid products because the bristles do not absorb the product. These are also great for clients who may be interested in a cruelty free brush.

Here is a little example of what synthetic and natural haired makeup brushes can look like. Make sure to always look on the company's website/product packaging if you are unsure.


Products used:



in the shade #120

in the shade "orange"

in the shade "NW25"

in the shade "81 & 82"


JL Makeup Studio luxe cream liner in "mahogany"



Setting Spray:



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