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Keep Your Skin Soft & Smooth With Our Waxing Tips!

'Tis the season of warm weather, sundresses, and swimsuits! Summer is upon us, which means adios to layers upon layers of clothing and the wintertime months of neglect. No more shaving only up to the knee or worse, yet, skipping shaving all together! Skin is in and what better time to book your first hair removal service with us? Read on to brush up on some waxing tips and learn everything you need to know before, during, and after your hair removal appointment.

The More You Wax, The Easier It Gets

Waxing is a commitment. Kind of… The repetition of repeatedly removing the hair from the follicle leads to less hair growth over time, and subsequently, less pain (less hair to remove = less discomfort). Seriously! So if it’s your first time, just know that each time thereafter will be much more tolerable and hair growth will minimize over time as well. That alone is enough of a reason for us to keep coming back for more!

Stop Shaving. Now!

I know, I know – this is the hard part. BUT in order to remove as much hair as possible and make it a worthwhile service, your technician will need at least ¼” of hair growth. Any less than that and instead of the hair actually being removed from the follicle, the hair will break off at the skin, resulting in a less than smooth, post-wax, surface. So let it grow. It’s temporary and worth the wait!

Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate

Using a gentle scrub or loofah, start exfoliating about a week prior to your wax, being sure to skip this on the day of the wax. This will help soften up the area being treated and also loosen up any wayward hairs, making their exit from your skin even easier. Post-wax, exfoliating is still your best friend, especially when it comes to bikini waxing. This will ensure that new hair growth can easily make its way through the top layer of skin, resulting in WAY less ingrown hairs. Just be sure to wait a few days after the service before you start exfoliating again, as your skin may be a little extra sensitive post treatment. We recommend using a sugar scrub, as the particles are smaller and less abrasive than salt, and therefore, better for your sensitive lady parts. Doing so one to two times a week should be more than enough. There are also many salicylic acid treatments out there that chemically efoluate the pore lining, again resulting in smoother more even regrowth. If scrubs aren't you thing, check a product like this out. We love Jack Black Bump Fix, Bliss Ingrown Hair Eliminating Pads, or Neutrogena's Oil Free Acne Wash

Timing Of The Month IS Important!

PMS can do crazy things to our emotions, but it can also make our skin super sensitive. IF possible, try not to schedule a waxing service around that time of the month. Take is from us, it will be more uncomfortable than normal. Why put ourselves through that? However, if your schedule requires an appointment that week (maybe a beach trip is in your future?!) and you’re body doesn’t freak out from OTC pain relievers, then we recommend that you take two Tylenol or Advil about 30 minutes prior to alleviate any discomfort.

Take It Easy

Skin needs to breath, so no sauna or steam that day. Also, avoid tanning, intense exercise, or pretty much anything that could irritate the area of treatment, for 24 hours after.


As already mentioned, exfoliation is key. Don’t skip this vital step! It prevents ingrown hair and helps keep skin smooth and soft. Don’t overdo it, or scrub excessively, just a gentle exfoliation one to two times a week will do it. And if you do happen to get an ingrown hair, DON’T try to remove it. After squeezing, picking, and plucking, the skin not only looks terrible, but is left more prone to infection. Don’t go down that road! Instead, treat it with product a product that will prevent ingrowns all together. On of our favorites for at home care is Tend Skin – a cult classic that has been around for ages, because it WORKS! You can find it at Target and it does exactly what it says – prevents ingrown hairs on all areas of the skin. There are also many DIY, homemade recipes to make similar product out there (hello Pinterest). Use what works best for you!


Live your life and enjoy the benefits of hair removal. Less shaving, means quicker showers, equals more time, and who couldn’t use a little of that in their life?! So no more last minute plans for the pool being shut down since you didn’t have time to shave, or even worse - wearing pants on a 90’ day, so nobody sees the fuzz you forgot to remove the night before. If smooth skin is your thing, you will find that hair removal is freeing and despite a little discomfort, totally worth it! So kick back, enjoy, and give us a call to reschedule 4-6 weeks after your initial appointment.

About Our Services

JL MAKEUP STUDIO Technicians proudly use the entire line of Berodin Luxury Hair Removal Products. Their hard wax adheres firmly to hair, but not skin, and is heated at a low temp, resulting in less pain and irritation. We will also apply the Berodin Post Wax Soothing Cream at the end of your treatment. It provides instant relief! Canadian Willow Bark helps reduce redness by 40% - 60% in 3 minutes, while Green and White Tea repair and strengthen. Finally, Lavender and Arnica soothe, heal, and moisturize. It is a phenomenal product!

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