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Products that stole the show!

Here is a look at some of our favorite products in action!

We know many of you are always asking what our favorite beauty products are or what 'Must Have' items we carry in our kits, so this one's for you! Read on to find our straight from the JL Team what products we simply can't live without.

Makeup by Joy

Best for: A lit from within, dewy glow.

Apply with: Bdellium Duo Fiber Fan Brush 925 for a sheer wash of shimmer, or the Bdelliuim 787 Large Tapered Blending Brush for a more concentrated does of glow.

Placement: Lightly dust on the arch of your brows, use the fan brush to place product on top of cheek bones, dust down the bridge of the your nose, right above the cupids bow, or over the collar bones. Pretty much anywhere you want to shimmer, shine and glow!

Makeup by Claire // Photography by All Heart Photography

Best for: A natural but full, wispie lash!

Apply with: Duo Lash Glue or Callas Glue if you a prefer latex free

Makeup by Bri // Photography by Dawn Derbyshire

Best for: A beautiful, shimmery eye look and that can be turned from day into night in minutes!

Apply with: Bdellium eyeshadow brushes

Hair by Kendall // Photography by Caitlin Livingston

Best for: Someone with normal to fine hair and looking for extra volume without the stiffness of most hairsprays.

Makeup By Jae Lee Paredes

Best for: Someone who is looking to "jazz up" their shadow looks.

Apply with: A flat, synthetic eyeshadow or concealer brush (try our Bdellium 936 Concealer Brush) or you could also even use the wand or your fingers!

Makeup by Amanda // Photography by Melanie Siegrist Photography

Best for: Someone with sparse or unruly eyebrows would love the dipbrow pomade. Or for someone who just wants a fuller looking brow!

Apply with: Bdellium brush number 735

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