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When Should I Do My Hair and Makeup Trial

Last week and email shout out went out to our amazing clients to remind them to book their hair and makeup trials. I just wanted to talk about a few things to know when deciding when to do it.

Time of year - whatever season you are getting married in, I highly suggest doing your trial in that same season. It can be a year a head, or even 2 months prior. During the changing seasons, skin and hair change drastically. Texture, color and how it reacts to weather all are factors that play into choosing the right application and style for you.

Engagement/Showers - while we would love to see you more often, a lot of brides choose one of these events to have their trials done. We encourage this as this gives you an opportunity to show if off! If you do decide on one of these days, and it is in an off season of your wedding day.. please be mindful that again, hair and skin are weather sensitive. Because of this, you may want to consider doing another trial run closer to the wedding date.

In the end, it is totally up to you when you would like to have it done. We are always here to help and guide as best as possible. See you soon!

Sammie and Selina - Hair and Makeup Artists

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